The poetic city: “Don’t Grow Old”

Dylan Thomas, poet and liver. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

“Don’t Grow Old”
As he lay on his deathbed
my father’s parting words to me
were “Don’t grow old.”
He made it to 90 …
But his last years were no fun 
and he suggested I avoid them,
though he didn’t say how.
Now that I am only 15 years 
from 90 myself, I can’t help 
wondering at what point 
he would have chosen
to pass away. 
How does one know when 
too much is enough?
For him it might have been
when his legs gave out and 
he could no longer play golf. 
I know there will be a day when 
I won’t be able to bust a move 
or do a swing-out…
But as long I can hear the music 
that makes me want to dance, 
I don’t think I’ll have to worry 
about growing too old.
Reece Burka


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