The poetic city: “For my granddaughter, a slingshot of joy”


A granddaughter’s joy and smile! (Photo by: Ona Adams)

“For My Granddaughter: A Slingshot of Joy” 

I just watched a 12 second video clip 
of you racing across the living room
and hurling yourself into your mother’s
outstretched arms, all in slow motion.
The video seemed to catch the
moment of ecstatic surprise 
when you realized that your wait 
was finally over…
You had been denied hugs, 
kisses, and snuggles for ten days – 
it must have seemed like
an eternity to a four year-old. 
But when your mom tested 
negative for the virus, 
you were given the go-ahead 
and you became a slingshot of joy.  
I hope you will remember this moment forever.
But even if you don’t I have no doubt 
it will be etched into the mind’s deep circuitry 
and reman a hidden beacon of hope 
and affirmation of all that’s possible and good 
in the years to come. 
Reece Burka


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