The poetic city: “Once Again Deep In The Pocket With Miss Helen   8/1/15”

Miss Helen doing her dance. (Photo by: Greg Shelton)

Once Again Deep In The Pocket With Miss Helen    8/1/15


When Miss Helen finally responded today 

The bare sensuality of her touch 

Shocked me almost as much as it did 

The first time we danced twenty years ago

When I unexpectedly found myself

Dancing with her deep in the pocket of the beat

It took a while for her to get there today

To emerge from her isolation

And enter the bubble with me

Where she made her offer

An offer of rhythm and touch

That I gladly accepted. 

As it was then, so it was today

Dancing hand-to-hand without artifice

Once again deep in the pocket with Miss Helen.

© Reece Burka 2/1/2019


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