The poetic city: “Aunt Rose’s Pralines”


The sweetness of pralines. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Aunt Rose’s Pralines 

Aunt Rose came to me
Looking better than ever
Better than the day
She fell down the stairs
While preaching the Word
And missing a step  
And landing hard
She broke in two places
Which was one too many
For faith to handle
Surrendering her faith 
To the intensity of pain
She waited to die
Which took a while
But not so long
In the grand scheme of things
Aunt Rose left with the answers
Leaving me the questions
Until last night
When she came back for a visit
Bringing a gift 
The gift of her pralines
The ambrosia of youth
With all the sweetness of life 
Of a life lived in faith
Of  faith beyond reason
She gave me the answers 
To all of my questions 


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