Horsing around for a good cause on Thanksgiving Day

Earl Gay and Prickly Muffin — two horses who will be at the races this year. (Photo provided by: Ingrid Anderson )

Have you ever dreamed of waking up and instantly falling under the spell of a man wearing a horse’s head, as did the Fairy Queen Titania in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Or, like a child, dreamily circling a carousel in the saddle of a steed, grasping its reins? Even perhaps galloping ’round a golden meadow with a colorfully painted horse’s head atop a pogo stick?

Well, then, Human Horse Races may rouse your vivid imagination. Human Horse Races is a community event intended to support injured or retired horses while having a jolly good time.

Makeup artist Ingrid Anderson came up with the novel concept for an alternative Thanksgiving outing so participants can still have an opportunity to show off their finery and fabulous chapeaux while leaving the horses to relax in their stalls. She challenges creatives to don handsome horse heads while onlookers choose winners, enjoying traditional jazz by The Dapper Dandies, complementary wines and the company of compassionate celebrants.

“There will be a party vibe, but it’s a party with a purpose,” Anderson says.

Many of Anderson’s acquaintances are vegan and animal-loving with ethical concerns regarding the traditional racetrack. “Some of the horses that run are abused ,and it is unfair. It’s elitist and old-fashioned entertainment – the racetrack was built for the people.”

“We are not using horses to entertain us,” she adds.

All participants get a small prize, and the grand prize winner will be awarded a horse head with flowered wreath.

There’s no entry fee and all monies raised will be donated to charity. In fact, here are all the event’s details: 

  • The Dapper Dandies will be playing from 12-1 pm, (people who want to sign up to be in a race are encouraged to come at that time and sign up).
  • Races happen from 1-4pm. There will be 2 kids’ races first, then 6 adult races to follow.
  • The winners of each race will receive their own special trophy, all handmade out of re-purposed materials!
  • There are 5 horses to choose from, we are creating Stables this year. Think of them akin to the houses of a certain magic school you know of. Pick a stable and cheer for your team year after year!
  • The crowd can place ‘bets’ on what team they think will win a race and be entered into a raffle to win a Grand Prize! (so far, each grand prize basket includes: bottle of rum from Three Roll Estates, gift card to LPK uptown, gift card for a trip with Kayak-iti-yak, biodegradable glitter from Pixie Dust, and all of the merch we have on hand (zine, buttons, magnets..)
  • All money raised this year is being donated to Rocking R Rescue Ranch, a horse farm in MS that saves horses from kill auctions
  • Complimentary Cocktails and Yerba Matte 
  • A Costume Contest will be announced before the 2nd to last race. Free to sign up (just sign up before we announce it!) Winner receives a handmade brooch from Poly Paiges collection, and a $50 gift certificate to Miss Claudias Vintage shop!
  • There will also be a crest contest. We are asking the fans to come up with each Stables logo/crest which we will use every year. The winner gets all free merch, and a chance to name one of next year’s horses.


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