Video: Latino music in New Orleans

Editor’s Note: The following series “Boots n’ Blues”  is a week-long series curated by Kila Moore as part of the Digital Research Internship Program in partnership with ViaNolaVie. The DRI Program is a Newcomb Insitute technology initiative for undergraduate students combining technology skill sets, feminist leadership, and the digital humanities.

In the toe of Louisiana lies one of the world’s greatest contributions to music: the city of New Orleans. The trumpets and trombones heard from the city’s infamous second-lines have inspired so much of the music we hear today — from jazz (New Orleans’ specialty) to blues, bounce, and hip-hop — its legacy on the sound of America’s music is unprecedented. This collection of articles explores the presence and impact of New Orleans’ music scene from the red lights of Storyville to the neon lights of Bourbon Street. And while the streets are silent from the effects of COVID-19, it is the perfect time to remember why music is so important to so many.

New Orleans’ Latin music scene largely goes unnoticed — a University of New Orleans student sets out to amend that. Watch his interview with musician José Fermín Ceballos below. This interview was originally published on July 28, 2016.

José Fermín Ceballos: Musician

Dali Ortiz: Tulane student and filmmaker

Editor’s Note: In collaboration with Tulane University, NolaVie and the students set out to discover who are the public intellectuals of New Orleans. Dali Ortiz, student and filmmaker, went straight to José Fermín Ceballos to learn about the latin music scene in New Orleans.


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