Chaos has hit, but Chaos is who Miranda Jr. is as a painter

Leroy Miranda is always working on new art. (Photo provided by Leroy Miranda)

The word chaos is defined as “a state of complete confusion and disorder.” One might have defined the world as chaotic when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted, and continues to disrupt, daily life. For painter Leroy Miranda Jr., his artistic style is definitely “very chaotic.” Miranda Jr. uses his canvases as a physical representation of the chaos that is manifested inside his head. His voice is outwardly expressed through his abstract paintings, which become a representation of his subconscious mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic halted economic consumption; however, Miranda Jr., noticed that his sales were actually increasing. He recalls that “all of a sudden this pandemic happens, and I start having sales, and I was like, holy shit!” Leroy fled to his studio — just like he always does — to let his internal voice fill up the canvas. He continued creating his art, but more people were suddenly interested in buying it. The disorder of the paintings matched the mayhem in the world. People were drawn to his paintings as they were a physical example of beauty stemming from chaos. 

Many people use art as an outlet and as a way of expressing themselves. It is this creative product that reflects aspects of one’s personality, interests, and/or mood. During the peak of COVID-19, Miranda Jr., thinks that people found “ the chaos of [his] work calming.” He is fortunate that he can still produce paintings during this time and acknowledges his role to his community of buyers. While selling the art brings in the paychecks, his belief remains that “as an artist you have to be somewhat of a teacher and an educator.” Miranda Jr. acknowledges that he can use his creative passions and talents to “help people see that there’s multiple things in this world.” This is especially true with the circumstances of the world right now. Ironically, his chaotic, multi-patterned paintings have possibly been a calming force for people during this confusing time.


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