Everyday Wonder: Five generations cope with COVID-19

A thirty-, forty-,fifty-,sixty- and seventy-something walk into a virtual Zoom bar … and compare five decades of notes on what it is to live through these COVID-19 times.

That’s what happens on this episode of Everyday Wonder. It’s an episode that began with a desire to go beyond the news articles telling us how millennials and baby boomers feel about each other and, instead, just let each generation speak for itself. It became an episode where Brett Will and Renee asked, “Why stop there?” and threw ourselves (and our producer) into the mix so we ended up with a spirited exchange not only on coronavirus, but also on AIDS, weddings, latchkey children and how all of us (regardless of age) want to live to be older than we are now.

It’s what we do at Everyday Wonder: Let different voices come together for good conversations about, yes, the wonder of life.

Given the times, this episode was recorded remotely using Zoom. The quality may not be great, but we hope the conversation is!


Calvin Johnson, retired judge, military veteran and loving friend and family man who finds himself hearing about too many deaths these days

Katherine Peck, a native New Orleanian who was enjoying the quintessential New York life with a career in copywriting and a man she was going to marry before COVID-19 brought her home to New Orleans…with her fiancé, but without her planned wedding.


Brett Will Taylor, who finds he’s hopeful about our future, but still kinda grumpy towards millennials and forty-something latchkeys.

Renee Peck, who is well aware that her group of Baby Boomers created so many of the problems COVID-19 has reminded us we have, and who also knows no virus will keep her youngest daughter from having a great wedding,


Darrell Rollo, who is a forty-something latchkey resigned to his group’s fate of finding ways forward without any adults being home.

Everyday Wonder is a weekly podcast that focuses on conversations about the things that really matter. Season 2 focuses on Everyday Wonder in the Times of COVID-19. Read more about it here. Send feedback and comments to Brett Will Taylor at brettwilltaylorew@gmail.com or Renee Peck at renee@nolavie.com.


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