Getting out of a rut: The Everyday Wonder of life’s bumpy journey


Have you ever headed out in the car and ended up at your kid’s school instead of the grocery store because you went on (semiconscious) autopilot? Day-to-day life can steer all of us onto a mindless and well-worn path forward. And in New Orleans, the way is lined with potholes both literally and figuratively. But sometimes, by choosing thoughtful detours or distractions along our way, we can better appreciate the scenery: We might take a left turn instead of a right out the door, or sneak a Snickers bar into a pocket for later savoring. Today we talk about finding ourselves in a rut, and the wonder of life both in and out of the groove.


Brett Will Taylor, author, shaman, and someone who knows how to drive into unchartered territory

Renee Peck, journalist and pothole enthusiast

James Brownell Wilson, who has a really interesting job at the World
War II Museum, but who we invite as our resident bon vivant
City of New Orleans, which is full of ruts both literal and figurative


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