The Everyday Wonder of social media

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Are you an Instagram junkie? Habitual tweeter?

Thanks to social media, everyone nowadays can tell his or her story. Of course, ever since that first cliff dweller chipped a petroglyph into the stone, we’ve been telling tales, so social media is merely the latest iteration of how we communicate our lives to one another. In a sense, social media is our modern campfire.

Today’s episode of Everyday Wonder looks into how the digital age has shaped the way we tell stories. Joining us is James Brownell Williams, who started an Instagram account merely to celebrate the beauty of life in New Orleans, and soon found himself with a sizable following. 

Social media has caused controversy over everything from politics to privacy. But it does give everyone a voice. Some 3 billion people — 40 percent of the world’s population — use social media. Join us as we talk about what that means, and the power of personal storytelling.


Brett Will Taylor, who sees the up side of Facebook

Renee Peck, who is bemused by the ephemeral aspect of an Instagram story


James Brownell Williams, who got on a Facebook because his mother told him to

The city of New Orleans, where the story is told in myriad ways, but the storylines stay the same


Thomas Walsh

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