The poetic city: “The Virtue of Uncertainty 11/16/18”

We are always looking for hope when it comes to our Saints (Photo: Wiki Commons)

The Virtue of Uncertainty   11/16/18
It’s early Friday morning and I am getting ready for work. 
While putting on my Saints’ tie I say a silent prayer
for another win on Sunday. 
I can’t help hoping that this small token of support 
will make a difference in the outcome. 
We are more than halfway through the season
and still on top of the heap. 
With a straight shot to the Superbowl
our destiny is in our hands. 
Our city is holding its collective breath 
waiting to see what will happen next. 
Every time we win, the stakes go up!  
Given the odds who knows where 
we will end up. 
Best to enjoy this moment of exquisite uncertainty 
because winning by itself is never enough. 



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