The poetic city: “Living in Lagniappe”


Because living in New Orleans feels like we’re on borrowed, magical time. (Photo: Tiffany Bailey)

Living in Lagniappe   8/4/18
I whizzed past seventy about three years ago.
Those three years happened so fast 
that I decided they don’t really count. 
At this point, I consider every day that 
I am alive past seventy to be lagniappe.
That’s what we call it in New Orleans
when we get a little something extra for free. 
That’s why I can declare with confidence 
that I will remain seventy until the end.  
In the meantime I get to enjoy all that life has to 
offer as only someone can do when each day
is lagniappe. 
The extra donut, the thirteenth oyster, and the second kiss 
are all the sweeter when one is living in lagniappe. 


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