Artists in their own words: De De T

Comedian De De T, who will be performing with Black Girl Giggles (photo by: Quinntographer)

Who: De De T

What: Comedian

Something you might not have known: De De T left her lifelong home of Louisiana to pursue her dream of comedy and the imperative of adulthood in Dallas, TX.


Q: What comedian would you want to have haunt you?

DD: Either Bernie Mac or George Carlin. Bernie already sounds like a ghost, and Carlin would just say great shit that I could use in my own act. I could steal jokes from beyond the grave.

I have a Carlin-esque way about me—not in all ways, but in some ways.

Q: When do you feel impulsive?

DD: All the time. I’m an Aries, so that’s how I live my life. When it comes to money I am not impulsive. I want to hold onto that, but everything else, I do.

If I don’t feel something or am not interested in something, I’m not going to do it, but when I’m wanting to do something, it will happen right away. Even applying to be on Black Girl Giggles happened incredibly quickly. I applied, got accepted, but last year I couldn’t be there. Now I moved back home to Houma, so this time I’m all in.

Q: What is your favorite memory with BGG?

DD: I’ve had a lot of good ones. There was a party for Shep; well, it was a meeting, but then we started drinking and we had the best time ever. I really appreciate those types of situations because it’s a room full of women with really strong opinions, and there isn’t any backing down. Everyone is really smart, so there’s not any stupid things being said. I really just sat on the sidelines and watched the whole thing like a tennis match. I’m one of the new ones, so I’m just taking it all in right now. But after all that back and forth, everybody just moved on and had a dope ass time.

Q: What do you not find funny?

DD: I can find humor in most things, but I also don’t think most people are funny. I get tired of hearing the same things, so when someone goes up on stage and says something I’ve heard a million times before—‘women be shopping; what about masturbation, am I right?’—I’m not impressed.

I don’t need to hear someone regurgitate a joke I heard from 1997. Maybe the first time it was funny, but not anymore.

Q: If you were to describe your own comedy as a plate of food, what would be on that plate?

DD: It would definitely be spicy. Cajun. There would be some Cajun-type food. Maybe a nice shrimp creole and grits and something chocolate. Cause I like chocolate, and it’s mad sexual. Although, I can’t think of a controversial meal, but my plate would be an unusual mixture of a lot of different vibes.


De De T will be performing at the Black Girl Giggles Comedy Festival, which will be from July 4-8 at various venues around New Orleans.

Since the start of her stand-up comedy career in 2013 De De T, has definitely made her mark on the North Texas comedy scene. Armed only with her irreverent and unapologetic brand of humor, De De T has slain crowds at comedy clubs, theaters, dive bars, convenient stores, basements and backyards in the DFW metroplex and all over the country. De De T’s credits include festivals (North Texas Comedy Festival, Out of Bounds, Women in Comedy Fesitval), performing with significant comedy humans like Hope Flood, Baron Vaughn, Linda Stogner, and Emily Heller (just to name a few), and headlining regularly at the renowned Dallas Comedy House. In addition to her solo stand-up performances, she is also a member of the Black Girl Giggles (BGG) comedy collective based in New Orleans helping to organize the BGG Comedy Festival and the FCC Presents sketch troupe in Dallas, TX (with whom she had the pleasure of writing, directing, producing and starring in the “Party Already in Progress” live sketch revue at Dallas Comedy House). AND IF ALL THAT WASN’T ENOUGH… you can also catch De De T co-hosting with her fellow Comedy Broads on the YouTube live podcast  “I Mean…”



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