Artists in their own words: Peter Matthew Smith

Peter Matthew Smith playing King George in Hamilton (photo by: © Joan Marcus)

Who: Peter Matthew Smith

What: Actress, who plays King George in Hamilton at the Saenger Theater from June 21 to July 10. 

Go-to snack on the road: These days, it is chips and salsa.

A New Orlean’s curiosity: I am very curious how people can stay healthy with all of this good food around. 

What do you feel like the connection between reality and comic relief are, especially in theater. How do you feel that idea does or doesn’t transfer to real life? 

I think comic relief is important and works well in both reality and entertainment. In reality, we need to laugh once and a while so we don’t focus on all the negative aspects of our lives. In Entertainment its used as a tool to help restart your brain after you have been given a lot of story exposition. 

If King George lived in the world of text emojis, what would be his top 3 emojis and who would he send each one to?

I think the king emoji, the angry emoji, and the waving emoji for all obvious reasons.

Let’s talk costumes: what do you think comes out of you when you put on different costumes? What specifically came out of you when you put on the King’s costume?

I think costumes have a HUGE part of dictating your movement. The robe that I wear as the King is very heavy and restricting which serves the character very well because he doesn’t have to move very much. 

Peter Matthew Smith playing King George in Hamilton (photo by: © Joan Marcus)

When have you surprised yourself? 

I think the only time in my career I surprised myself was when I booked the original company of Mamma Mia as a dancer. I have never really thought of myself as one, and yet there I was. 

There’s a lot of movement and change that takes place in Hamilton, what is something in life that you want to be permanent? What is the danger or downfalls of permanency or the danger/downfalls of something being temporary? 

I think the thing that I hope permanently remains in my life is the great relationship I have with my daughter. She is 8 years old and I realize she has a lot of growing and change to go through but I hope that we can keep the great relationship that we have. I am confident we will though. 

In general, nothing in life lasts forever, so I think the danger people can get into is thinking that something will. I notice a lot of young people going through life acting as if they will always be young and healthy. The expression of ‘Youth is wasted on the young’ is on full display.


You can see Peter Matthew Smith star in the role of King George in the upcoming engagement of Hamilton at the Saenger Theater from June 21 to July 10 as part of the 2022 Hancock Whitney Broadway in New Orleans season.



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