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Grilling Shilling’s garlic pepper sausage recipe

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With summer just around the corner, we figured it was time to give our readers a taste of some barbecue — literally. So we sat down with Richard Shelling, of BBQ food truck Grilling Shilling, and talked business and barbecue. Like many of the best facets of summer, Shelling’s recipe for garlic pepper sausages embody satisfying simplicity.

What are you waiting for? Start firing up the grill.

Smoked Pork and Beef Garlic Pepper Sausage


– Meat: 60% beef trim (85% to 90% lean) and 40% pork trim
– Garlic and pepper seasoning


1. Grind beef trim and pork trim together
2. Add seasoning and garlic to the meat and mix by hand until thoroughly blended, stuff into pork casing
3. Smoke the links


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