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Meet : ASAP54. Have you ever chased a stranger half a dozen blocks to find out where they bought their blouse? You no longer have to be this lurking creep. Instead, you can be the creep that takes zooms and snaps a photo from afar, using your fashion-savvy phone app to locate the garment.

ASAP54 allows users to upload photos of clothing (worn or unworn) or swatches and then view a list of exact or similar product matches, complete with purchasing information. The app also abridges shopping and social media, enabling users to view and search each others’ fashion searches.

Eat : The Pho Challenge. Bring out your eatin’ pants. Pho Cam Ly (3814 Magazine), the latest addition to the mushrooming Vietnamese restaurant scene in New Orleans, offers a super-sized bowl — or bucket, rather — of pho (2 pounds of each noodles and meat, plus broth) that diners can eat for free of they finish the entire serving alone in one hour. If a free vat of tender meat, slurp-friendly noodles, and savory broth isn’t enough incentive, pho champions also receive a winner’s t-shirt plus photo documentation of their victory on Pho Cam Ly’s website. Can’t finish in under an hour? The pho challenge will only set you back $30.

Drink : A frozen latte (4.75) at Haro. Newly opened CBD coffee, chocolate, and (once they acquire their liquor license) wine bar Haro is banging out icy not too sweet caffeine fixes, made from an in-house mix, that will naturally be god-sends in the coming spring and summer heat.

Fête : At Tivoli and Lee‘s crawfish boils. Mondays just a little bit better, or a little less terrible — depending on how you want to look at it. For the next three weeks, starting 3/24, Tivoli and Lee will host Monday night crawfish boils in their courtyard from 4 – 6 PM. $15 gets you three pounds of the lil’ buggers and accompanying veggies; drink species include $1 High Lifes and $5 High West Son of Bouryne Whiskey drinks. And if you’re opposed to the paradox of a classy crawfish boil, don’t worry there will be cornhole competitions so you can pretend you’re at the Fly or a festival.

Laugh : About the Marigny resident who wants you to know that their driveway is not only private property but also not a hating ground, a restroom, or a Petco.

parking sign

What I want to know is if the said activities are prohibited only in the driveway. For instance, may I sell my cat in your living room?

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