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typewriter11Meet: Lucky Dogs in the refrigerated section of all Rouses markets. New Orleanians will soon be able to answer a local foodie mystery: Was it daiquiri number two or was sitting on a filthy curb with my Lucky Dog one of the ten greatest moments of my life?

Beginning August 8, you will be able to enjoy a Lucky Dog without the Quarter’s sweaty swarms of tourists, piles of trash that double as sobriety and agility tests, and the overwhelming odor of, well, no one’s entirely sure what. The dogs, about 2.5 ounces each, will be sold five to a pack. No word yet on the pricing. *Note: Consumers of store-bought Lucky Dogs are responsible for finding their own contaminated curb to enjoy their meal from.

Eat: At The Old Portage’s Texan pop-up dinner. New Orleans pop-up The Old Portage, which holds multi-course dinner pop-ups every couple of months, will be back in action on August 10th with a six-course Texas-inspired menu to be served at Rue 127 (127 N Carrolton). Standout dishes will include Texas barbecued shrimp with tamarind Worcestershire, a blonde ale mesquite smoked butter, and fried grits; mussels with charred tomatillos, an Aji amarillo chicken broth, and masa fried chicken skins; and a flank carpaccio with a country gravy “egg” and spicy string beans. There will be two seatings — one at 6 PM and one at 8:30 PM. Dinner is $55 (inclusive of gratuity) or $75 with drink pairings (make note that it will be cash only). For reservations email The Old Portage.

Drink: Haro’s boozy iced coffee. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s approximately 185 degrees outside. Subsequently, this leaves you in a bind — on one hand, you need your caffeine; on the other hand, all you want to do is sit under a giant umbrella (okay, probably inside an air-conditioned building, but near a window or something) and drink a delicious, icy cocktail. CBD coffee and wine bar Haro Coffee & Chocolate is offering a hybrid drink that combines the best of both worlds: an iced mint mojito coffee. So there you go.

Fete: At Fulton Alley for their Coolinary month special. Throughout New Orleans Coolinary Month, which runs August 1 – 30, several New Orleans restaurants will be offering prix fixe lunch (under $20) and dinner (under $35) specials. And while nearly all of the menus offer tantalizing offerings, CBD bowling alley/gastropub Fulton Alley (600 Fulton Street) is the only eatery to offer an activity with its edible special. Until the end of the month, every Friday through Sunday, for $15 Fulton Alley will offer a lunch/early dinner special that includes a BBQ combo plate — with a choice of two meats (smoked chicken, pulled pork, and beef brisket), two sides, and cornbread — as well as a complimentary one-hour bowling game for the table.

Wear: ICB’s hologram shorts. First things first: the shorts themselves exist in material reality, so I apologize to all of the pants-haters out there who got there hopes up when reading of an implicitly illusive garment that would enable them to go to work, the grocery store, hell, everywhere, pants-free without incurring some major social (and legal) damage along the way; I too wish someone would create shorts less shorts.

In the meantime, New York-based fashion house, ICB offers a pair of white “aura shorts” that only appear holographic, nearly as futuristic as the real thing. The structured, cocoon-shaped shorts are imprinted from the waist to the pocket bottoms with a multi-colored design that gives the illusion that the fabric itself is holographic. The shorts ($270) have sold out online, but are available at Warehouse boutique Haute (725 Magazine). And if you’re of the I-hate-wearing-shirts camp, the matching “aura crop top” ($104) is still available online.


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