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Tortilla recipe from Communist Swine Taco Social

My House NOLA and NolaVie have partnered to bring you weekly recipes and behind the kitchen glimpses from various pop-up restaurants and food trucks throughout NOLA. On Tuesday, we heard from the entrepreneurs behind Communist Swine Taco Social. As promised, their coveted tortilla recipe:

Tortillas Makes approximately 25 tortillas

communist swineLike the perfect sandwich bread or ice cream cone, the tortilla, for its flavor and function, may be the most important aspect of the taco. Slightly flakey on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, the tortilla should melt in the mouth without disintegrating in the hand. Its flavor is often the first thing to hit the tongue, and should do so with the slight sting of pepper followed by the familiar comfort of warm butter. However, the structural integrity of the tortilla should never be sacrificed for its flavor profile or appearance. When we first began making these tortillas, we went through a laborious process of laminating in a spiral of butter. We found that we could only sustain making our own tortillas by simplifying the recipe. It is a rarity in this country to find homemade tortillas. Have pride in what you press!


2 C All Purpose Flour

2 C Pastry Flour

1 C Cornmeal

3 Pinches Corse Kosher Salt

3 Pinches Ground Black Pepper Corn

¼ lb Cold Unsalted Butter

1 C Cold Water

1 C Cold Buttermilk

Check back next week for another recipe and behind the counter glimpse of a local food truck or restaurant pop-up.


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