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Dating in New Orleans: expectations versus reality

Girls like to romanticize, right? But sometimes you just have to take a long, hard look at reality. Here’s a rundown from Ms. Match NOLA on what Big Easy women want … and what they usually get instead.

Expectation: With so many amazing restaurants popping up, we’ll get to experience a new dining adventure every weekend!

Realty: “So …  NOLA Food Delivery-ing Thai food and Netflix-ing Aziz Ansari stand-up tonight? Excellent.”



Expectation: F and M’s, Grits, The Gold Mine, and Harrah’s Casino are all completely acceptable places to meet a potential significant other.

Realty: People from high school, people from high school EVERYWHERE. And I’m pretty sure that girl over there is still IN high school.


Expectation: Tinder provides a legitimate and viable platform for dating in the Big Easy.

Reality: Oh, you’re only in town for a bachelor party and you want to meet up. No, thank you; I’m not new to this game.


Expectation: Tonight I am going to Saints and Sinners and I am GOING to meet Jonah Hill and he is GOING to fall in love with me.

Reality: Snobby bouncers won’t let us into the VIP area. Crying inside.


Expectation: Being taken on a date to Delachaise or Bouligny Tavern for fancy cocktails and delicious appetizers.

Reality: So I suppose cheese fries at F and M’s counts as a date these days.


Expectation: Hanging out with and meeting Saints players at Lucy’s after a home game.

Reality: Being incapable of ever recognizing a Saints player in person.


Expectation: Meeting an attractive, successful surgeon who speaks Spanish and knows all about wine.

Reality: Meeting dudes who wear jerseys as dresses.




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