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How to tell he IS just that into you (Carnival Edition)

Editor’s note: This feature originally ran in February 2014. However, when it comes to New Orleans; love; and, well, Mardi Gras… it may never be too late. 

Now that we have endured Valentine’s Day, a celebration for anyone enjoying couple-dom, it’s time to look forward to Carnival, an opportunity for those still experiencing single-dom. The city-wide party that is Mardi Gras provides the perfect atmosphere to meet a new potential match. Yet, before your booze haze has you convinced that your new Carnival acquaintance is Mr. Right, use this guideline to confirm that he IS just that into you.  He is into you if…

He drops you off at the parade route so you don’t have to trek from the parking spot 27 blocks away.


He knocks over elderly people and/or toddlers to snag that amazing throw you have been coveting (i.e. anything Saints-themed or blinking).


He chases a float for four blocks to beg for that strand of pearls from Carrie Underwood.

porta potty

He helps you wander into a party to use the restroom by pretending to know the host … or, failing that, stands in the port-a-potty line for you.


He offers you the last jello shot.

He goes to the Quarter at 1 a.m. to pick up your drunk friends who can’t find a cab.


He listens patiently while you carefully consider what color wig/tutu/spandex tights to wear. And then tells you you look beautiful in all of them.


He buys the next king cake when you get the baby.


He joins in when you start dancing to “Mardi Gras Mambo.”


Two words: Couples costume.

Have a safe, happy and romantic Mardi Gras!


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