UNO Documentary: Aquarium of the Americas


What: Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, LA

Film By: Mac Legere

Editors Note: ViaNolaVie partners with students of UNO professor László Zsolt Fülöp, pairing them with artists, non-profits, environmental groups, and cultural entities to facilitate a live curriculum that results in a short documentary.

Mac Legere, a film student at University of New Orleans, discusses Aquarium of the Americas located in New Orleans, Louisiana along the Riverwalk. He highlights various activities and fish one might encounter if they visit. Aquarium of the Americas is a part of the Audubon Nature Institute, which also includes Audubon Zoo and other parks. Aquarium of the Americas has a rich and diverse roster of aquatic animals that will make anyone smile.

[Full Transcript]
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas was founded in 1990. The Aquarium is located along the banks of the Mississippi River by the edge of the historic French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. The destination is great for animal lovers of all ages.
Shark Discovery, a new exhibit that holds a 13,000 gallon shark and ray touch pool. The new pool measure is approximately 60 feet long by 16 feet at its widest point. This is six times the size of the previous stingray touch pool at the Aquarium. The habitat is home to a number of shark and ray species including a White Spotted Bamboo Shark, a Pallet Shark, Southern Stingray, Coral Cat Shark, Bowl Nose Ray, Blue Spotted Stingray, and a Cow Nose Stingray.
The Great Maya Reef Exhibit allows one to explore an underwater world of the ancient flooded metropolis and it’s live
with Lionfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Moray Eels, Spiny Lobsters, and more all at home among the stunning coral, sunken
artifacts and forgotten treasure.
The Mississippi River exhibit. This gallery offers views of the real Mississippi River and highlights many of the river’s inhabitants. The freshwater gallery features Catfish, Sturgeon, Paddlefish and an Alligator. In the Amazon Rainforest exhibit you’ll meet many exotic species of fish, including the infamous Pariah Piranhas, Paku Fish, and Freshwater Stingrays living in a waterfall.
The Aquarium Seahorse Gallery where these delightful creatures continually conjure thoughts of mystical sea
monsters as they gracefully glide through the water.
The Jelly Gallery at the Aquarium is home to eight specifically designed Jellyfish exhibits called Creasels. A Creasel is a corner-less exhibit with a circular water flow named after the German word, carousel. It’s designed to keep the Jellies in the center of the exhibit and away from the walls.
In the wild jellyfish spend most of their time in open water and their soft bodies are easily injured by bumping
into corners and solid objects. Audubon aquarium of the americas is an enchanting place filled with wonderful life and its absolutely worth the trip.


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