UNO Documentary: Audubon Zoo

What: Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, LA 

Film By: Jeni Giffin 

Editors Note:ViaNolaVie partners with students of UNO professor László Zsolt Fülöp, pairing them with artists, non-profits, environmental groups, and cultural entities to facilitate a live curriculum that results in a short documentary

In this film, Jen Giffin, a film student at University of New Orleans, highlights some of the most important animals at the Audubon Zoo located in New Orleans, Louisiana. She focuses on some of the world’s most endangered species that reside here, as well as points out the fact that Audubon Zoo is a sanctuary to provide safety to these unique and beautiful animals. 

Audubon Zoo, located in New Orleans, Louisiana is home to an enticing variety of species with the mission of celebrating the wonders of nature. You can’t miss out on a trip to the Audubon Zoo.
Now let’s take a look at the other types of primates living at the Audubon Zoo.
In addition, there is a range of felines at Audubon Zoo that you don’t want to miss. The Malayan Tiger is a crowd favorite. There are only approximately 300 million tigers remaining in the wild. Their endangerment is being combated with anti-poaching programs to keep this beautiful species alive. There are also two jaguars on the ground, one of which was recently rescued from wildlife trafficking. The Amore Leopard at Audubon is one of the estimated remaining 330 in the world.
However, zoos around the world are working to make sure the species doesn’t go extinct and finding ways to introduce
them back into their natural habitat.
The Lion habitat was a new addition to the Zoo in 2019. Shortly after this two cubs were born into the pack which was exciting news, as lions are also considered an endangered species. While a number of zoos have been reported to mistreat their animals, the Audubon Zoo does the complete opposite.
Their main goal is to provide safety and hope for the well-being of the animals and their future on this earth.


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