Life Quest(ions) 2021: Exploring faith as a way to structure life

Editor’s Note: It’s sometimes called an Odyssey. It’s sometimes called a gift. It’s often called everything in-between, but when we look at life, it feels like a quest. That’s why we’re giving all of April to the Life Quest(ions) that people have always wanted the answers to. Here’s what we did: We asked hundreds of people what quest and question they’ve never been shown or given the answer to even though it’s something they’ve always wanted to pursue. Then, we pursue it and provide the answers! Next up, we’re looking at spiritual scheduling and how to obtain it. 

I created this church bulletin to showcase how the ideology and philanthropy of the Christian religon can provide a solution to the uncertainties of life. I used my real-life hometown church and its charitable organization partners as an example, so you can donate to these causes if you feel compelled!


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