The poetic city: “Cruising Altitude” 

Flying is all about a new perspective. (Photo: Pexels)


“Cruising Altitude” 
At thirty-five thousand feet
I wonder what I would see 
if I happen to be gazing down 
at just the right moment
to catch a glimpse of the show. 
Were a person far below 
to hit the sweet spot
of perfect enlightenment.
Would I see thunderbolts of lightning 
all aimed at the immovable spot? 
Would I hear trumpets blaring 
and cymbals clashing loud enough 
to supersede the jet’s roar?
Likely as not, there would be no hint 
of the great event, except perhaps 
a subtle shift in the atmosphere.
Or  maybe a slight lessening of tension 
in another dimension, as the earth herself 
emits a sigh of relief in giving birth,
once again to the one thus come.
Reece Burka 


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