The poetic city: “On the Apparent Metastability of Quantum Fields”

When life is so small that we can see the connections. (Photo by: Tara Winstead, Pexels)

On the Apparent Metastability of Quantum Fields
I read today that we owe our existence 
to an infinitesimally small particle 
in a quantum field that may or may not be stable 
and could break down into smaller components 
at any moment…
Thus triggering a chain reaction traveling 
at light speed and transforming everything 
in its path to create an entirely new universe 
that may or may not include us…. 
What’s more, it may already have started
in some distant corner of a faraway galaxy… 
But we wouldn’t know it until it gets here 
which could be in millions and millions of years  
or anytime now…

And all we can do about it is live one day at a time. 

Reece Burka 


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