Hindsight for foresight insight: The poetic city and “All Along the Way”

Editor’s Note: That’s right, we’re taking a look back (you know, hindsight) to see how we can best prepare (that’s the foresight; I think you’re getting this) for the future, and in order to do that, we’re turning to poetry first. It breaks rules, it creates rules, it uses words in ways they’re supposedly not supposed to be used. It’s our future that uses our past, and to start us off, we are featuring Reece Burka’s “All Along The Way.” 

Walking on Oak Street (Photo by: Emre)

All Along The Way
What lies ahead is not pretty.
But the road ahead is littered 
with diamonds, rubies, sapphires 
and such – all along the way. 
Little jewels of experience
that glitter and sparkle when
held in hand…
And their beauty…
Oh their beauty
Makes an old man smile
and believe it’s
all worthwhile.
Reece Burka


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