The poetic city: “Coming to Terms with the Virus While Meditating with Ava 4/20/2020”

Coming to Terms with the Virus While Meditating with Ava       4/20/2020


Sitting on my meditation chair 
I gently stroke Ava as I contemplate 
the apocalyptic possibilities of the virus 
and its aftermath. 
As I think of all the things 
I should have done or could still do 
to prepare for the catastrophes 
that might ensue, Ava purrs softly
and nestles into my lap.
Focusing my breath and tuning it with hers,
I feel the weight and warmth of her body 
as it drapes across mine. 
That’s when I can see that all my fears 
are shared by countless others 
who may already be living 
the nightmare that I fear. 
The feathered touch 
of Ava’s tail as it twitches 
across my forearm encourages me 
to return to my Katrina moment 
15 years ago,  
To the very moment when I accepted 
that I had no power over Katrina’s rampage 
and all I could do was renew my faith
in the basic goodness of life.
That’s when I realized the futility
of trying to control the outcome of things
and committed myself to contending
with each moment as it arose. 
That’s when things started to work out.
The reassurance of these memories 
relaxes me and Ava stretches 
to reposition herself. 
I sense what a blessing I am
to Ava and what she means to me,
and I know without a doubt that
this virus cannot steal my spirit . 
As I adjust my position in the chair, 
Ava understands it as a signal that 
our meditation is about to end. 
So I give her three final strokes
and slowly raise myself to start my day, 
and she leaps from my lap to start hers. 


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