The poetic city: “Living Her Life Backwards”

The clocks of life have us saying, “not yet, not yet.” (Photo: Wiki Commons)

“Living Her Life Backwards”

I have a friend who believes 
in living life backwards.
When she realized that 
numbering her days would 
allow her to live each one
to the fullest, she declared 
her intention to die by the time
she’s 70… not by suicide 
but by force of will. 
She said she’d rather go 
too soon than too late.
She figured 70 years would be 
enough to take advantage of 
the best life has to offer and 
get out while the getting is still good.
Meanwhile my friend is busy 
rehabbing her new hip and
checking the dates of Jazzfest, 
just in case she’s still with us 
when she passes 70. 
Reece Burka


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