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BECNO Language Lab fall 2020: “Boo boo the fool”

Phrase: “Boo boo the fool”

When you lookin like a clown. (Meme by: William Harrison)


My phrase of “boo boo the fool” isn’t really used in everyday language; in my opinion, it’s mostly common in black households. In other words, it’s used by black parents or the black community to be specific –basically the phrase means, “Do I look stupid to you?”

Here’s a scene of how the phrase is used: 

(Mom) Where are you going?

(Son) I’m going to the bank with my friends.

(Mom) Why do you have a face mask on?

(Son) It’s cold outside.

(Mom) Do I look like boo boo the fool?


When looking up the etymology of (boo-boo) it was revealed that “boo-boo” was a word from the 1930s which means “stupid person,” which influenced the phrase “boo boo the fool.” The word “boo” came from a Philadelphia gangster named Max “Boo-Boo Hoff.”

Fun Fact

Max Hoff’s nickname came from the fact that he was a Bootlegger (Boo Boo Hoff)




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