BECNO Language Lab Fall 2020: “Simp”

Phrase: “Simp” 

You’ll understand this in a minute. (Meme by: Divine Harvey)


My phrase “Simp” is used a lot in modern-day conversations. “Simp” can be used to describe someone or yourself. It is used all over the country, and I’m sure in other countries also, and it is used a lot on social media.

A scene where “simp” can be used is when someone is acting very soft for the person they like. For example, if I’m talking to a friend about how I have love for someone, and I’m talking about how I adore them, that would be called simping. In that scenario I could say that, “I’m a simp for him.”


When researching the etymology and history of “simp,” it came from the word “simpleton” or “simple.” Simpleton was used in the very ealry 1900s and was used to make fun of someone who is seen as an idiot. Before the usage of “simp” being used to describe someone being in love or liking someone, it was to describe someone as weak. I think the etymology influences its meaning today because it  can be used to make fun of someone, similarly to simpleton.

Fun Facts

Fun fact about the phrase “simp” is that it used a lot on social media sites like TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. The phrase became very popular on TikTok, and really became frequently used a lot in 2020.

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This piece is part of the “Language Lab” series where Bard Early College (BECNO) students investigate the etymology of modern phrases to identify their roots.This series is part of the composition course taught by Kelley Crawford. 


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