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Seriously, click on it: Interactive Jazz Map

Editor’s Note: The following series “Together in Isolation” is a week-long series curated by Rosalind Kidwell as part of the Digital Research Internship Program in partnership with ViaNolaVie. The DRI Program is a Newcomb Insitute technology initiative for undergraduate students combining technology skillsets, feminist leadership, and the digital humanities.

New Orleans, along with the rest of the world is facing unprecedented challenges amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic. It is easy to get lost in the news cycle with articles that cause fear, sadness, and anger. Though these news reports should not be taken lightly, it’s important to have positive outlets and hear uplifting stories to remind ourselves that we’ll eventually return to normalcy. As such, this curation is bringing together inspiring, hopeful, and promising articles to raise our spirits and remind us what a resilient city we live in. 

Feeling antsy to get back to all of the live music this city has to offer? Check out some local spots to visit once they reopen through this interactive map, and explore the city’s jazz scene from your own home! This article was originally published on May 5, 2017.

Editor’s Note: What happens when you put together a jazz historian, a map maker, a sound engineer, and a writer/photographer? You just get a whole lot of jazz. Ba da bum!

John McCusker (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist/photographer and founder of The Cradle of Jazz Tours), Steven Melendez (journalist with publications in Fast Company, Newsweek, Al Jazeera America and New York Public Radio’s WNYC), Sarah Holtz (audio producer), and Kelley Crawford (journalist and writer) all put their efforts together to research, compile, and create a jazz tour full of photos, audio clips, text, and well…some good old fashion walking.

Audio stories: John McCusker

Map creation: Steven Melendez

Sound production and engineering: Sarah Holtz

Photos and text: Kelley Crawford


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