UNO documentary: Arts living outside the gallery

Artwork of Nikki Sarx. (Photo and art by: Nikki Sarx)

What: With galleries being closed during this time of quarantine, many artists are turning further to social media in order to make a living. Filmmaker Paige Touzet talks with artist Nikki Sarx about how she has used online formats to sell her work for years. From more artistic freedom to pinpointing direct audiences, Sarx talks about how artists can make money and continue to grow their talent when they are fully in control of the narrative.  

Film by: UNO student and filmmaker Paige Touzet

Editor’s Note: Every semester, NolaVie and UNO partner up to bring culture, community, and education together. Working with Professor Laszlo Fulop and his Documentary Production students at the University of New Orleans, NolaVie pairs students with cultural organizations in New Orleans, and the student creates a short documentary for that organization. This short documentary, “Outside Art,” was produced, shot, and edited by Paige Touzet, a student in the “Introduction to Documentary Production” class in the Film Program – School of the Arts, The University of New Orleans.




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