The poetic city: “Meditation on Story Street 5/16/15”

The meditation of a sleeping cat. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

“Meditation on Story Street  5/16/15”
As I take my first sips of coffee 
And slowly sink into the morning’s meditation
Ava the cat  finds her way into my lap 
Where she drapes her paws across my thigh
And settles into her place 
As Ava settles into her place 
Everything in my world settles into its place 
And I think of how much you would enjoy 
The sight of us together in silent communion       
Yet, were you to arrive to bear witness 
To this moment of crystalline stillness
It would immediately collapse 
Into something quite different 
And all you would get to observe 
Would be Ava complaining  
That the world was no longer 
Exactly as she wishes it to be. 


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