The poetic city: “Celebrating the Birth of Jazz  8/1/19”

Near New Iberia, LA, 1938 (Photo: Library of Congress; pubic domain)

Celebrating the Birth of Jazz  8/1/19

When the Angels of Possibility 
Prevailed upon the Lord of the Cosmos 
To allow the element of chance
To play with the laws of necessity
Down deep in the pocket
Of the newly formed Universe
They could not have known
Exactly how things would turn out. 
But they knew for sure 
That sooner or later
The music of the spheres 
Was going to get 
A lot more interesting 
When all those quarks and leptons 
Started doing their subatomic dance 
To a funky second line beat. 
That’s why the Angels of Possibility 
Gather together every April
In the city of New Orleans 
To celebrate their achievement … 
And it took only 13.7 billion years  
Which in cosmic terms is nothing at all.


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