Growing up a Saints fan: The Everyday Wonder of perseverance

In sports, there’s a lot of talk about winning and losing. But here at Everyday Wonder, we think there’s a more important conversation. One about perseverance. Specifically, what is it that makes some of us stick with a team, sometimes year after year, even when they don’t win?

They start ’em early in New Orleans. (Photo: Renee Peck)

Football season is a great time to have that conversation. And New Orleans – land of the ‘Aints and a past that once saw 21 consecutive losing seasons – is a great place to have it. After all, Saints fans are among the most persistent and upbeat in the NFL. Perhaps that’s because we believe. In our team, our city, and one another.

There’s everyday wonder in the mythic journey that football provides. And in this era, when most of us have lost confidence in the usual heroes – politicians, religious leaders, celebrities — sports may well be the last arena where we can find icons and ideals worth rooting for. That’s a particularly appealing concept in turbulent times.

Which is why we’re spending this episode talking about perseverance, and the bigger issue:  never giving up on that one team or ideal you love. Join the conversation and see if you agree.


Brett Will Taylor, who, god forbid, is a recovering Cowboys and Patriots fan

Renee Peck, who remembers the 2006 Steve Gleason blocked punt as the turning point in her Katrina recovery


Armand Samuels, who grew up as a Saints fan and learned not to take things too seriously, developed a keen sense of humor, and still is wary of happy endings

New Orleans, who is as happily imperfect as the teams she hosts


Thomas Walsh



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