Let’s look at the clouds: The Everyday Wonder of elders

(Photo: canstock.com)

My grandchildren do not consider me an elder; they simply consider me elderly. But don’t those of us with a little life experience have things to impart? Elders, traditionally, have been the keepers of the stories, the ones who hold the knowledge. In today’s episode of Everyday Wonder, we explore the idea of elders – not merely people who are old and think they are wise, but those who bring perspective and help us make connections in life. Sure, new generations can simply Google things, but technology can’t teach them more subjective life lessons. And as James Baldwin noted, children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they never fail to imitate them. In a way, that makes all of us potential elders, right?


  • Judge Calvin Johnson, who is imparting his father’s life lessons to his granddaughter
  • The City of New Orleans, who is an old soul, experienced in so many aspects of human behavior, but not always wise

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