Life in an oven: The Everyday Wonder of extreme summer heat


New Orleanians know it well: That steam-room atmosphere you discover when you step off the airplane and onto the jetway. Here, heat is about more than weather. It’s about alchemy, about embracing extremes, about pain and pleasure, often intertwined. Heat can open blood vessels and improve your memory. It gives us Tabasco peppers. Heat can elicit humor in a way cold never will. And don’t be complacent: Those in more northern climes will be facing temperatures equivalent to two states south of you by 2050. Join us on the hot seat as we talk about our love/hate relationship with heat, and why it can be oddly wonderful. And bring your fans.


  • Kelley Crawford, educator, writer, and heat enthusiast from Illinois
  • Pam Roberts, actress, camp director, and heat denier from New Jersey
  • City of New Orleans, where heat is a way of life
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