The poetic city: “A Suite For Miss Helen:  Lightly, Ever so Lightly 2/13/16”

Miss Helen doing her dance. (Photo by: Greg Shelton)

A Suite For Miss Helen:  Lightly, Ever so Lightly    2/13/16

Helen no longer talks

and she no longer responds

to the music I bring.

She seldom looks up, 

and her smiles come less and less often,

no matter what I do.

Thus, I find myself wondering 

if my efforts to touch her with my presence 

are more disturbing than reassuring.

I fear that she would rather be left alone

to rest peacefully in the darkness 

where she now resides until her waiting is over.  

But when I take her hands in mine,

she starts to rub the tops of my fingers with her thumb,

and I return the favor.

Neither of us stops

until it is time 

for me to go.   

Then, as I bend to give Helen a gentle goodbye kiss,

she kisses me back lightly, 

ever so lightly

© Reece Burka 2/1/2019



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