The poetic city: “The Thief of Flowers 6/9/13 “

Helen showing off her moves and her style. (Photo by: Richard Eager)


A Suite for Miss Helen: The Thief of Flowers  6/9/13  


It’s a beautiful day 

Warm enough for Helen’s comfort.

So I roll her into the garden

And place her where she can see

The fountain, the birds, the trees,

And a planter overflowing 

With the blossoms of Spring.


Helen locks into the beauty of the flowers,

The flowers in the planter…

She wants them for herself.

It matters not that they are meant for all …

She wants them for herself 

And nothing will dissuade! 


I think it is not right,

I think I shouldn’t, 

I fear embarrassment,

I fear chagrin,

And, rightfully so

To be branded as a thief 

A thief of flowers,

The flowers meant for all … 

But I can’t resist my desire

To bring Miss Helen

All the pleasure I can.


So, swallowing my scruples 

I yield to the force,

The force of her desire

To possess and be possessed 

By life in all its beauty

As I pick the blossoms

From the back of the planter

Where I pray they won’t be missed.

Hoping I won’t be noticed 

I present them to Miss Helen

Who smiles in satisfaction

As she holds the flowers dear.

And I tell her not to tell 

Who stole for her the flowers

The flowers from the planter 

In the center of the Garden 

The flowers meant for all.


© Reece Burka 2/1/2019



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