The poetic city: “A Multiplicity of Dimensions 1/6/13”

Miss Helen in one of her happy places. (Photo by: Ann Mahorner)


A Suite for Miss Helen:   A Multiplicity of Dimensions 1/6/13


Sitting in the garden with Miss Helen

She counts the sparrows that come and go

And makes sure I don’t miss the show.

Pointing out every arrival and departure

She signals approval with a wink and a smile.


Meanwhile in the curl of the moment

Disguised as an ordinary event

Helen’s fascination reveals its essence

Forcing me to see the reality of timelessness

And the multiplicity of dimensions.

In the center of the known universe

Helen reveals a glimpse of Eden


© Reece Burka 2/1/2019


Editor’s Note: In honor of poetry month, we are publishing one poem from the series, “A Suite for Miss Helen,” by Reece Burka. This poetry series tells of the vibrant and beautiful Miss Helen, who had a dancing spirit. You can read the whole series here as well as come back each day in April for the newest poem. 


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