The poetic city: “A suite for Miss Helen: Dancing at the Edge of Propriety 11/3/12”

Miss Helen in all her glory. (Photo provided by: Ann Mahorner )

A Suite for Miss Helen: Dancing at the Edge of Propriety   11/3/12 


We found a new way around her chair today

so we could dance close the way Helen likes it

Cheek to cheek, she bussed me repeatedly.

And the attendants would come by, one at a time

and occasionally in threes

I wondered what they saw and what they thought

For I knew I had become all of Helen’s partners

and all those she had ever loved, all at once

She let me know she knew and wanted others to know.

Watching them smile at us, she would smile right back

then turn back to me and show her love with rhythm and bounce

In the pocket once again with Miss Helen.


© Reece Burka 2/1/2019


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