The poetic city: “Baby Einstein 8/12/16”


(Photo: Wiki Commons)

Baby Einstein 8/12/16

Flinging handfuls of rocks 
into the puddles 
beside the bandstand… 
One after another, 
again and again…
the toddler doesn’t stop.
I observe from a distance…
amazed by his persistence, 
the seriousness of his endeavor,
and the way his parents stand by
chatting amiably, while maintaining 
a watchful eye.
The father explains 
his son has been doing this 
since he could walk, 
only several months before.
So, whenever there is 
a particularly heavy rain, 
father and son don their 
boots and go on a hunt 
for the biggest puddles 
in the park 
Never tiring, the boy doesn’t stop,
even when a brace of ducks 
waddle over to investigate 
the commotion in hopes
of finding something to eat.
Eventually, the ducks leave
as do I – astonished by the thought 
that I may be witnessing 
a baby Einstein determined
to understand the dynamics 
of the wave action created 
by the force of a solid mass
in collision with a liquid surface…
Then, I find myself just as
astonished by parents who seem
to know exactly what they are doing 
and why…. 


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