The poetic city: “A Day Like Today 4/24/17”

WWOZ, always helping to make a beautiful day a perfect day (Photo: WWOZ).

A Day Like Today     4/24/17        

I woke up to a perfect day.
The kind of day that makes 
me feel sorry for myself and 
question every choice I ever
made that resulted in being 
inside instead of outside 
on a day like today. 
As I drove to work down Willow St
I consoled myself with the depth of 
light and shadow under the oak arbor, 
the hot funky jazz playing on OZ, 
and thoughts of the miraculous 
nature of pure being.
Then, I realized that no matter 
how many days such as this 
I have enjoyed in my life, 
it will never feel like enough 
on a day like today. 


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