The poetic city: “The Oak Leaf Made a Spectacular Fall”

Live oak tree of City Park. (Photo: Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis)


The Oak Leaf Made A Spectacular Fall   
The oak leaf made a spectacular fall,
And lucky was I to catch it all. 
From branch to ground, 
Making no sound, 
It dipped and twirled
As the wind swirled.
Doing a spiral dance 
Determined by chance,
Flitting from shadow to light, 
Flashing in and out of sight, 
Landing with a skip and hop
Arriving at its final stop 
It surrendered its individuality  
To become part of the totality. 
No longer the star of the show, 
Content to be part of the flow…
The oak leaf finished its spectacular fall 
And lucky was I to catch it all.



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