The poetic city: “Life is Life”

A black bird to produce thoughts. (Photo: Wiki Commons)


Life Is Life  
A black bird shot across the view 
from my window this morning.
He was in and out of my life
for less than the breath of a second. 
He flew between two trees… 
one was bare, the other with leaves.
Together they framed his flight. 
He wasn’t a particularly beautiful bird, 
but he left me with beautiful thoughts.
As different as we appear to be 
he spoke of commonality… 
Of the way his life and mine
are part of something larger 
And while neither of us could know 
what it all means, 
His flight path was so straight and pure 
that I knew it had to mean something…
And if his path meant something, 
I knew that mine must mean something too. 
Reece Burka


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