The Poetic City: “Sitting Beside the Golf Course in Audubon Park at the Intersection of Being and Doing”

The old Meditation Walk in Audubon Park (photo by: Derek Bridges)

Sitting Beside the Golf Course in Audubon Park at the Intersection  of Being and Doing   

Sitting under the oak arbor
next to the golf course
practicing the art of dissolution,
I am slowly absorbed by a
tangle of leaf, branch, and light…
Then, without warning,
I am yanked from my reverie 
by a whiz of white and 
the thump-dee-dump     
of an errant golf ball that
came to rest beside me.
The unexpected blur of white 
cutting across the green backdrop
startled me with the pleasure 
of a shooting star.
I savored the sight of the ball’s 
bounce in three graceful arcs, 
each one smaller than the one before…
until the bounce became a dribble, 
the dribble became a roll, 
and the roll slowed to a gentle stop. 
In the rhythm of the bounce
I heard the beat a triple step, 
the very one that resides at the 
heart of East Coast swing… 
and I felt moved to dance. 
Not knowing the layout 
of the course I had no way  
to judge the virtue of the shot
and whether it would bring pleasure 
or pain to the one who launched it. 
From my vantage point 
beneath the oak arbor 
the shot was, and will always be,
an occasion of grace and beauty. 


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