Two Door Cinema Club at The Joy gives more room for electronics

The rise of electronic music over the past five to ten years has taken on many forms, and Two Door Cinema Club has been on the forefront of its re-evolution. The Irish indie-tonic band hail from Northern, Ireland and consist of Alex Trimble (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Sam Halliday (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Kevin Baird (bass guitar, synthesizers, keyboards, backing vocals) as well as touring musicians Benjamin Thompson (drums) and Jacob Berry (rhythm guitar, beats, synthesizers, keyboards).

Two Door Cinema Club (photos by: Steven Hatley)

Since their inception back in 2007, the band has put out three albums. Their latest, Gameshow, came out in October of last year and is the current tours title. One might figure, and reasonably so, that there set would consist mostly of that material, but, it actually lay heavy on their 2010 debut album Tourist History. I’m sure this was a conscious decision on the band’s part, knowing that this would give the audience material they were well familiar with. It in no way took anything from the show; rather, it made the flow of the evening smoother and more engaging.

The last time the band played New Orleans was back in November of 2013. They played at the House of Blues, which offered less space than the Joy Theater show, which brought with it some dramatic video footage and light arrangements, which were all perfectly organized and consistent throughout the show. Trimble’s lack of stage banter was a pleasant surprise considering the current political climate we live in. This was just another drop of humility to strengthen and amazing show. For more photos, check out my album here.


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