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(Video) A study on cell phone attachment when it comes to women

From now on, when you are out and about, take a glance at the hands of those who walk among you. What will you see?

A cell phone.

Cell phone use has become a visible behavior that has been targeted as a type of “addiction.” Tulane seniors Anabelle Brecker, Katie Scott and Emily Sussman came together this past semester to investigate why women always carry their phones in their hands.  We came to understand that this behavior should not be classified as an addiction, but rather, it should be considered an attachment fueled by very rational reasons.

We found four major reasons to explain and rationalize female cell phone attachment:

  1. Public vs. Private Life or Work vs. Home
  2. The Evolution of Fashion
  3. Safety
  4. Intimacy

Our research and findings are expanded upon within our final video.



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