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UNO documentary: Rebuilding the ridge at Bayou Savage

Jeremy Edwardson, Assistant Refuge Manager at Bayou Savage National Wildlife Refuge

Film by UNO student and documentarian, Jordan Luke


Hurricane Katrina is still present all over New Orleans, and that is not any different when it comes to the wildlife in and around the city. The Bayou Savage suffered greatly due to the increase in salt water that occurred as a consequence of Katrina. There is now activity to clean the bayou, start planting, and do what New Orleans does quite well – rebuild.

With a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and cooperation with about ten other partners, the Bayou Savage National Wildlife Refuge is on its way to making the bayou a place of growth – immediate growth and growth for the future. UNO student and documentarian, Jordan Luke, takes us into the bayou with Jeremy Edwardson to find out how the bayou will function, and how people can hopefully one day wander those nature trails and enjoy some tropical berries.


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