Video tutorial: Put some bounce in your step

Believe it or not, bounce music and dance is more then just twerking. Bouncing is about grooving to the music, embracing yourself, immersing yourself in the environment and participating in the movement and feeling good.

Bounce has been around since the 1990s–stemming from West Africa. It is danced by the Mardi Gras Indians and has turned into a cultural movement. Many claim that is started in New Orleans, and we certainly know that it is making its way around the globe.

But how do you actually bounce?

As Bounce Fitness Instructor from New Iberia, Louisiana, Marissa Joseph demonstrates, there are three basic bounce moves: the “walk,” the “Beenie Weenie,” and the “Wobble.”  Other common bounce moves include the “bend over,” the “clap,” the “wiggle,” and the “3 point stand.’”

You want to learn all of them? Well, then we have the video for you. This tutorial video will leave you with no excuses in the second lines or on the dance floor. No need to limit your bounce moves to just twerking; as Marissa shows, it’s all about style and moving your body.